Volunteer For A Project

Online project registration is now closed. It's not too late to volunteer! Come to the 8 a.m. Launch Rally on Saturday at Heights Christian Elementary School and you can sign up for a project at the registration booth.

During the Launch Rally, you'll be able to finalize your registration, pick up your free t-shirt (available sizes will be first come first serve) and meet your project coordinator with the rest of your team. Your project coordinator will update you with any additional project details. After the Launch Rally, everyone will head off to their project sites for the day. When your project is finished, come back to the Launch Rally location to enjoy a thank-you lunch and a time of celebration for completing the Day of Service.

Outdoor projects will most likely be sunny, so you should make sure to bring sunscreen. Anyone doing painting or gardening projects should wear clothing that's ready for paint splots or grass stains.

Project Ideas

We're always looking for new projects or service opportunities in Love La Mirada, and we know the best way to find out about these opportunities is to hear from people within the community. If you have any ideas that you'd like us to consider, just let us know!

Submit A Project Idea